What is Mas Mariposas?

We are the USA base for fundraising activities to support the work of La Mariposas Spanish School & Hotel and their work in the surrounding community of La Concepcion in Masaya, Nicaragua. All money raised by Mas Mariposas is provided to them to assist in implementing and sustaining these community projects.
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New to La Mariposa?

We’re guessing you’ve met Dr. Goudge, the animals, and the people of La Mariposa and are counting the days until you can return. And you want to help!

But, in case you’re new here, La Mariposa is a spanish school and eco-hotel in Nicaragua. Dr. Paulette Goudge and La Mariposa support environmental conservation, animal rescue, community education efforts, disabled children’s programs, and much more.

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What will your $$ be supporting?


We rescue dogs & horses who have no homes and rehabilitate them to be loved. (2019 numbers)

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Families Fed

During COVID-19, we have been handing out rice, beans, oil, & vegetables to families in poor local communities.

Trees Planted

A major push for 2019 was reforestation projects.

During the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, we are helping deliver food relief to some of the most vulnerable families in our communities.

We aid in the distribution of water during the dry seaons to some of the poorest communities.

Thousands of trees have been planted in 3 years and we are always careful to ensure they are native trees which will withstand the unusual conditions (the passing overhead of volcanic fumes.) 

Sponsor a disabled child through our Chispa de Vida Program and ensure they continue to receive free weekly services. 

Our rescued horses now live in a spacious stable with plenty of acres to graze in the beautiful Cañada Honda reserve.

We have about 60 dogs living in one or other of our sites and we feed and pay for vet services for about 20 who live in excellent homes, usually with one of our workers.